Uniting Against A Cancerous Adversary

Sometimes, the most somber and hopeless situations can bring people together to fight for a positive and honorable cause with great enthusiasm. In this case, when Savannah Wood was stricken with lymphoma, her friends did not hesitate to rally hundreds of eager supporters to her aid. A Freshman at Patrick Henry High School, she is deeply loved by so many that when fellow students caught word of her dreadful condition, they wasted no time in sending their dedicated, magnanimous support and regards. The #SavStrong movement was quickly formed as a way to combat the desperate situation with love and hope. Students everywhere were shocked and horrified to hear the news that their wonderful friend had fallen ill to such a threatening ailment, as none of them could have suspected or wished that such a strong, vibrant young lady would fall victim something like this. They quickly turned to social media in order to express their concern and distress in light of the new threat. Freshman Sydney Inge, a good friend of Savannah’s and supporter of the #SavStrong movement, had this to say when asked about her reaction to first finding out about Savannah’s condition: “I was so shocked because this happens to so many people, but my friends and I never thought that it would happen to someone close to us. I wanted to do everything I could for her and prayed for her a whole lot.” As much despair as there was among students, however, there even more of a readiness to show compassion and support during a time when Savannah needed them most of all. The entire school took part in helping her through it all, and even those who weren’t familiar with her before banded together to show her that they care. Even administration took the issue seriously by encouraging students to take part in the valiant trend. Savannah Wood’s case can be considered a great example of how a phenomena as severe as cancer can afflict anyone we know, even when we’re least expecting it, and we must always be prepared and willing to fight it whenever it arises. Our best wishes go to Savannah Wood and her family in this drastic time, and I hope this makes all of us more wary of cancer and what a disaster it can be to those whom it catches off guard. Cancer affects millions of people across the world every year. It’s a very real threat to the livelihood of the innocent, but it can be stopped if we work together to bring an end to its destructive path. We must always hold hope in our hearts for our fellow human, especially whenever something like this threatens to tear our hope away.

Harrison Phillips, News Reporter


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