Mentality of a Senior

By: McKenzie Buchanan and Zyaire Thomas

Seniors, we have less than 2 months left. Our hard work has finally paid off. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come to get to this final chapter. We’ve learned so much from our teachers, peers, and ourselves.

For those who don’t know, Convocation was our first cap and gown event. It was one of the few moments that we had to come together as a class to celebrate how hard we’ve worked throughout these four years. We started together and will finish this together: as a whole.

Ever since our first day of high school, we’ve dreamt of what we’re going to wear, how we’ll decorate our caps, what school we’ll go to, or how we’ll act when our moment comes. Graduation isn’t something that any senior can mentally prepare for; it all just comes at once.

Girls in their stunning white dresses with the perfect white shoes to match. Guys, wearing handsome dark pants, a white shirt, dress shoes, and a tie. None of this we expected.

Many of us had this image in our heads of how our senior year would be and how graduation would be run. In reality, we’re the ones running the show.
This has been a year full of school spirit, lots of laughs, and everlasting memories. This will sadly be the last paper of the year, but there will be a special senior magazine on the way.

Remember this isn’t the end, just the beginning, class of 2017.


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